November 15th, 2011

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Sending along a message from no_mysteryleft

Thank you everyone who participated, benefited and donated during the 3dayforthecure fundraiser! Special thanks to outoftime for putting it together.

Thanks to your support I surpassed the $2,300 minimum. I am currently at $2,524.47. As some of you know after hitting my minimum I diverted several fundraisers to my teammate Janae. If any of you still have pending donations to pay, please, please donate them to Janae (here instead of me. Of course it's your donation so you can make it to whomever you wish, but after some soul searching and praying about it I decided it's way more important to me that Janae hit her minimum too than it is for me to hit my $2,700/10K goal. Just because it isn't reflected in MY fundraising account doesn't mean I didn't get there. I'm past my $10,000 mark and my friend is going to walk with me this weekend. That's such an amazing feeling.

I'm putting together memorial and honor ribbons this week to carry with me on the walk. I'm sure some of you bid and donated because of a personal connection you have to the cause. Please leave a comment on this post with any names you'd like me to carry this weekend. Also please specify if it is a memorial or in honor of a survivor.

Again, thank you so, so much for your support and love. Please think of me this weekend and know that I am thinking of you and your loved ones! Also PLEASE, if you have any interest in participating in a 3-day and want a cheerleader to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT! don't hesitate to email me at